Today [we] are celebrating our seventh anniversary. As we were talking this morning we were remembering our anniversary last year and how horrible it was and how we promised each other we'd find help to help us renew our relationship which brought us to you. With the skills you have helped us hone this was an amazing year! We are grateful to have you in our lives! Thank you.
---- NJ couple with 2 children


Intro to Marriage Mediation (2:44). Why mediation instead of couples counseling?. Max explains how Teamwork Marriage Mediation differs from couples counseling and divorce mediaiton. Then he explains how we teach you how to mediate your own conflicts.
Marriage is About Difference (4:56). Why do 50% of all marriages end in divorce?. Max describes how in six sessions he can teach you and your spouse how to get the benefit of the difference you chose them for, instead of having those differences resulting in conflict.

3 Kinds of Couples

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If you're fighting so much,
you're considering divorce...

Unreconcilable Differences

If you argue more than you should,
and what you need is mediation >

More Skills and Intimacy

We're okay, and we want to learn more intimacy skills >

What is Marriage Mediation?

Do you keep having the same old argument? Great!

We mean it. That's great! Because as Marriage Mediators, when we see conflict, what we see is your relationship trying to advance to the next level. [...]

What Are Sessions Like?

Each of the six sessions are an hour-and-a-half long In every session, besides helping you big any current arguments to a satisfying resolution, I will teach you both new skills, give you homework [...]

How much does it cost?

We have a sliding scale and guaranteed first session [...]

What if my spouse won't participate?

Give us a call, we can coach you in how to talk to your spouse, and we also do private sessions [...]