Who are Couples Groups For?

Once a couple has done our six-session process, they are eligible for an ongoing couples support group.

The goal of these groups is to give couples who have made an investment of time and money to learn these new skills a place to keep practicing and growing their relationship in a supportive, cost-efficient process.

Low Cost Couples Group FAQ

Why Group Sessions? Research has shown that people not only learn better in groups, they are better able to USE the material they learn in groups. You get to work on your issues with the marriage mediator AND watch other couples resolving their issues. Learning AND watching reinforces the process.
Who will be in the the group with us? All of the couples in your group will be graduates of the Six Session Teamwork Marriage Mediation process. So you all have learned the TRUST-Talk skills, are aware of your own and your spouses Forbidden Needs, and are just in need of support and ongoing practice.
What are the groups like? Each month you and your spouse will fill out an online pre-group interview which will help you and the mediator prepare for your work in group. Each couple will have 20-40 minutes to discuss their issues, and get help from the mediator and feedback from the other couples if you desire. You'll also be observing the other couples working on their issues. There will also be a short teaching module each time, to keep your skillset growing.
How long will it last, and will couples come and go? You'll contract for a certain number of sessions: typically 4, 6 or 8. It will be the same 2 or 3 other couples for the whole life of the group.
How much does it cost? Because you're sharing the price with other couples, the cost is much less than private sessions. Depending on the number of couples, as low as $50/couple for each session!