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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marriage Mediation the same as divorce mediation? No. Marriage mediation is for couples who are committed to the relationship, and are trying to work it out.
Is Marriage Mediation therapy or the same as couples counseling? No. I am a mediator, not a therapist. This is a present-time process, we don't go back into your past. We don't psychoanalyse you, we teach you conflict resolution skills.
What if we're not fighting right now? Great! That's the best time for Teamwork Marriage Mediation. Remember, we're teaching you skills, so if you're in a peaceful stretch, it will be easier for the two of you to learn.
What if my spouse won't come? These skills are powerful enough, that just one person using them can make a real difference. We can do private sessions with you, and it has happenned often that the reluctant spouse notices the change and then decides to join in. Give us a call if this is the case, we may be able to help you speak to their resistance using the skills and get their cooperation. If you're uncomfortable, they are too.